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We are excited to announce that Offroad Excursions ATV Rentals will start renting ATVs on February 1st. As in the past, they are not affiliated with Busco Beach. Be sure to check out their Facebook page Off Road Excursions Atv Rentals for information on pricing, hours and contact information! ... See MoreSee Less

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Valentines Day will be here before you know it. Bring your sweetheart out for a free cookout on Friday night then spend the rest of the weekend enjoying some good riding! We’re asking everyone to bring a Valentines dessert to the cookout to enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

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The bonfire will start at 6:30pm tonight on the beach by the red building!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Don't forget about our Customer Appreciation weekend!! Your $5 daily per person fee is FREE for today & Saturday only! All you pay is your ATV & camping fees! Sunday is regular pricing. We have a cookout tonight at 6:00 at the white building. The MX tracked was groomed this week. The drag strip was groomed yesterday, this morning and will be groomed again tomorrow morning!!

We hope to see you this weekend!!
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Happy Thursday! Customer Appreciation weekend is here!! Your admission for your daily per person fee is FREE for Friday & Saturday only!! Normal pricing for Sunday. You will still have to come in the office to check in regardless!!!

FREE COOKOUT Friday at 6:00pm at the white building
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One of our regular fishermen caught this nice catch today!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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The drag strip has been fully groomed and ready for riding! The weather is suppose to be in the 70s and that calls for perfect day of riding!! ... See MoreSee Less

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***Ones who have reserved a RV hookup; Deposits must be sent in by March 16, 2020! If we have not received a deposit by that date, we will go down the waiting list and put someone else in that spot.

***PRICING FOR MUD BASH: As you know Mud Bash is the one time of year that the pricing does increase. If you arrive prior to Friday, May 1 you will pay the normal pricing until then. Friday starts the Mud Bash upcharge regardless of what day you check in. Remember if you arrive Monday & Tuesday and stay until Sunday your fees for those two days are FREE!!!

$10 per person per day
$10 per ATV/UTV per day
$10 per person to primitive camp/guest at RV hookup per night
$25 per night for 30 AMP water/elec or elec only
$30 per night for 30 AMP Full hookup
$40 per night for 50 AMP Full hookup

The hookups include 2 peoples NIGHT FEES ONLY!!!! Everyone still pays the day fees regardless. Any additional people on a campsite will pay the $10 tent camping fee each night.
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All of the RV hookups have been booked for Mud Bash 2020! If you want to get added to the waiting list we have started one of those.

If you got a reservation, we will call you this afternoon or tomorrow about your deposit to send!
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Don’t forget we start taking reservations for Mud Bash tomorrow at 8:00am. Please make sure you know your exact camper size when making the reservation!!!

Refer back to our last post for more details for tomorrow!
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Few things we want to let everyone know about Mud Bash before we start taking reservations. Important information, so please read entire post!

As posted, reservations start at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, Jan 8. Since Mud Bash is the biggest event of the year, we are limiting to only 3 SPOTS PER RESERVATION! Please know what the exact size your camper/enclosed trailer is before you call and what kind of site you need. This is very important when making your reservation plus we have to write it down!

***If you reserve a RV spot, you must arrive no later than Thursday, April 30th. This is to ensure you being able to get into your spot when you arrive.

***If you check in on Monday or Tuesday and pay to stay until Sunday, ALL OF YOUR FEES WILL BE FREE FOR MONDAY & TUESDAY ONLY! Yes, day & night fees FREE for those 2 days!!! Your fees will start on Wednesday.***

Please be patient with us as there are only 2 phones lines with someone answering each of them. Due to the massive amount of calls, we will not have a chance to listen to voicemails. I would suggest calling until you can get through.

General Information #: 919-818-7124
Reservation #: 919-222-0897
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We want you to know how much we appreciate all of you! Come and join us with a weekend full of fun and good food!


***Admission for daily per person fee is FREE for Friday & Saturday ONLY!!!! Only thing you pay is your ATV fees and camping fees! Normal pricing for Sunday!!***
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12/26-12/29 Christmas/New Years Bash
12/27 Free Cookout @ 6:00 pm
12/28 Christmas Tree Bonfire
1/17-1/19 Customer Appreciation Weekend
1/17 Free Pig Pickin’
1/18 Bonfire
2/14-2/16 Valentines Party Weekend
2/14 Free Cookout :: Bring a Valentines Dessert
3/20-3/22 Spring Blast Off
3/20 Free Cookout
3/21 Scavenger Hunt 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
4/10-4/13 Easter Weekend
4/10 Free Cookout
4/12 Egg Hunts: Children @ 10:00 am/Adult @ 11:00 AM
4/27-5/3 Mud Bash
5/21-5/25 Memorial Day Weekend
5/22 Free Cookout
6/12-6/14 Concert Weekend
7/12-7/5 July 4th Weekend
7/3 Free Cookout
7/4 Massive Fireworks Show
7/24-7/26 Snorkel Race/Bounty Race Weekend
7/25 Races
8/13-8/16 Daisy Dukes Weekend
8/15 Daisy Dukes Contest
9/4-9/7 Labor Day Weekend
9/4 Free Cookout
10/8-10/11 Fall Bash
10/30-11/1 Halloween Party Weekend
11/27-11/29 Thanksgiving Weekend
11/27 Thanksgiving Feast


Our trail systems are changing daily due to conditions of the land and vary from mud pits, water crossings, hill climbs, and hard packed wood trails. ATVs and motorcycles are welcome, however we do not allow trucks or jeeps on the trails or riding in the rivers.

“Great time, close to home. If you have never been go check it out at least once.”


-Ty G.

“Can't wait to go back This place was great loads of fun and lots of great trails”


-Jacob K.

“I love this place. Mud heaven on earth. Only way it could be better is if it got bigger.”


-Jason E.

Established 1999